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Letter to the Editor – Sandy Ludtke – 12-19-12

Whom it may concern,

Sadly on Friday, December 7, between 1:00 and 1:15 p.m. our little blue heeler 7 month old puppy, Diesel, was hit and killed and left lying on the side of our driveway north on Highway Q, just past the junction with N. Anyone who has any information on how this happened please bring closure to us.

We just want to know how this happened to ease our minds, because Diesel has never been seen on the road, to our knowledge. He was just in the barn and ready to go to the house, he was with us every minute, but tragically, within two minutes our whole lives changed forever. He was a very special puppy to us and our little hero.

Possibly, someone with a gold-colored Ford F250 pickup truck that came to our house door, while we were in the barn may have some information for us. There was also a green pickup truck with a topper that was seen, that left our driveway about 1:10 p.m. Please call Sandy and Tom Ludtke at 715-265-7301 with any information.

So again, someone please come forward with any information.

Sandy Ludtke