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Off the Editor’s Desk – 11-14-2012

Quote of the Week — “The election is over and Santa Claus won.” Thanks, Jill from Packman’s in Glenwood City for that.
This is the time when I should be accepting the election results and praying that both sides will work together for the betterment of the country. But I think that will not happen.

Joe Soucheray, in his column in the Sunday edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, tells it like this: “Half the nation strives for success, while half is suspicious of it. Right now, about half the country believes that if you make a living without government help, you have somehow done so unfairly. But for virtually everyone in half the country that voted Republican, are the half of the country that still believes that the government is not the well from which all things must be drawn.”
Romney was right, about the forty-seven percent. Now, we have more people riding in the wagon than pulling it, and we cannot borrow our way into fiscal stability.
I am afraid! I am afraid that we will drive off that financial cliff that looms ahead of us.
I am afraid for my First and Second Amendment rights.
I am afraid many of our freedoms that so many people fought for will be lost.
I am afraid that many more people will lose their jobs.
I am afraid of new rules and regulations that will pressure my business out of existence.
I am afraid of the Federal Government.
I am afraid that that I will be made a slave of the government.
I am afraid of the Obamacare committee that will determine my end of life.