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Dunn County Land Judging Contest held October 18

The 2012 Dunn County Land Judging Contest was held on Thursday, October 18th. Approximately 74 students from Boyceville and Colfax High Schools participated in the event. This year’s contest was held near Wheeler on land owned by Daley Brothers, LLC, and operated by Bryan Andrews.

The students reviewed four soil pits. The characteristics of topsoil and subsoil had to be recognized. They were required to determine the texture, structure, depth, slope and drainage of the soil. The fertilizer and lime requirements, based on the soil test for each pit, had to be judged. Students were also required to identify soil erosion and other limitations of the soil as well as classify the soil site according to its capabilities and recommend the correct farm management and conservation practices for the site.

The top team in the event was the Colfax Team led by Agriscience Teacher Thomas Millar. They scored a total of 1,115 points. Anthony Draaijer had the top individual score of 287. Heidi Lieffort, Gerrett Miller, and Skyler Goulet were the other team members that contributed toward the winning score.

Second place honors went to the Boyceville Team, under the direction of Agriscience Teacher Glenn Knudtson, with a score of 1,061. Kevin Clark was the top individual with a score of 292. Jake Lake, Wyatt Hansen, and Brody Behling were the other top scoring members of the team with their individual scores ranging from 252-263.

Tim Miland, USDA-NRCS Area Resource Soil Scientist, served as the Official Judge. Michael England, USDA-NRCS Soil Scientist, and Todd Mau, Buffalo County District Conservationist, assisted with the judging of the pits. Personnel from the Dunn County Land Conservation Division organized and assisted with the contest. Staff from the USDA-NRCS in Dunn County and Pepin County Land Conservation Department also assisted with the event.