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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 11-7-2012

Well we are done with our bean harvest, thanks to the nice weather after the rain.

The other morning, the clouds, sun over Anderson Hill, and made for a strange sight. Three or four lights in the horizon. God’s handyworks.

Did you remember to turn your clock back on Saturday? I have a house of clocks with bells and chimes. It took a while to set.

On Wednesday were you scared when your house was visited by goblins? The end of the first quarter of school is over already and Halloween seemed to always tell when we are over 1/4 of the school year.

On Friday night, the Homemakers went to the play in Clear Lake. A comical make of the Lore your neighbor. There was six with the guests. I, Carol, Shelby, and Donna missed it. Glad there was a nice evening for you.

A lot of churches having their fall suppers going on watch for times and dates.

On Friday at the store was a camaraderie of friends talking around my table. It is so nice to have this time with friends stop in to see what this is about. A lot of sales going on.

Thanksgiving lunch at the Center will be held on November 14 at noon. Call a day in advance. They hope to see you. A fun day is being planned. Call 715-643-2305.

Sunday morning, we talked to Bob in Withee. He told us that his 94-year-old mother from Pennsylvania was here for a visit, so we made the trip there to visit with her. She is still as sharp as a tack.

Hope you voted on Tuesday. Have your say, maybe one vote is all it takes.  Voting is our right. God Bless America.

Call me throughout the week.