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Days of Old – 11-7-2012

Days of Old – 11-7-2012

10 years ago – Tribune of October 23, 2002

About three inches of snow fell in the Glenwood City area on October 20.

The 2002 Boyceville Boys Cross Country Team won its first Dunn-St. Croix Conference title last Thursday at Tiffany Creek unseating 5 time champion Colfax. The Boyceville Girls completed a bulldog sweep at last Thursday’s 2002 Dunn-St. Croix Cross Country meet, as they won the conference championship shortly after the Bulldog boys.

The 2002 Boyceville Volleyball team recently won its first conference champion ship in the 29-year history of the girls program.

25 years ago – Tribune of October 7, 1987

The entire community was saddened Saturday morning upon learning of the tragic deaths Friday evening of Harold F. Fern, 62 of Woodville, and son David. F. Fern, 39 of Glenwood City. They were on a fishing trip to Lake Michigan, and were killed instantly in a head on crash on Highway 10.

Full-time police protection on weekends may be started in Glenwood City as the result of several acts of vandalism.

A Glenwood City fireman was injured and take to the Myrtle Werth Medical center in Menomonie with smoke inhalation during a fire which damaged the barn on the Jack and John Timm farm in the Town of Tiffany.

Wes Booth and Jane Knox were crowned Homecoming King and Queen Friday night as part of the annual event. Senior queen candidates are Cindy James, Traci McNamara and Shari Schneider. The king candidates were Dean Nelson, Chris Ullom and Mark Nadeau.

Ed Neubel formed Allied Processors, Inc. of Boyceville five years ago. Allied Processors started manufacturing five products and now proceeds 100 different specialty food ingredients in the former Boyceville creamery.

The Boyceville Police Department was called to investigate 64 complaints during September. Seven of those complaints have not been declared and remain under investigation.

50 years ago – Tribune of November 15, 1962

Fire Saturday morning completely destroyed the farm home of Joe Dvorak, just north of the city. Lost were all the contents of the house.

Robert M. Boche, candidate for assemblyman, and Alex S. Kosa, candidate for District Attorney in last week’s election, have each served their opponents with a notice of intent to petition for a recount.

Carl and Wilbert Vieths, operating under the firm name of Maka, Inc., last week purchased the Mrs. M. Christianson building here. This is the building in which the old post office was located and also houses Gale’s Bakery and Norm’s Barber Shop.

60 years ago – Tribune of November 6, 1952

President Eisenhower and Vice-President Nixon were elected during Tuesday’s election. Republican governor Kohler was in the lead with a majority of about 357,000.

Twin sisters in double wedding – Miss Jane Hable became the bride of Chester Zacharias and Miss Betty Hable became the bride of Lawerence Jackelen at St. Vincent Catholic Church in St. Paul Saturday, September 27, at 9 o’clock by the Rev. Morgan.

95 years ago – The Glenwood Tribune – September 27, 1917

The Red, White, and Blue trail from Chippewa Falls to Stillwater, and thence to St Paul, is a go! Thanks to the hustling initiative of Ross Cheney of Downing, aided and abetted by other hustlers along the line, the Soo line towns are finally on one of the most inviting auto trails transversing Northwest Wisconsin.

The Albert Miller Co’s potato warehouse in the city will be open for the receipt of merchantable tubers this fall.

George Lactorin this week bought of B. F. Tigar, of Verona, Wis., the “race track” farm of 115 acres in the south end of the city.

30 years ago – Boyceville Press Reporter – November 4 1982

Law enforcement coverage in Boyceville will be improved following approval Nov. 1 at the village board to hire a part time police officer.

Recently completing a three-year program of advanced banking management study, Robert Fischer, cashier at the National Bank of Boyceville, was among 500 bankers who participated in several areas of specialized banking study.

Gordon Moe was won of several Boyceville area residents who received the flu shots Oct. 27 at the Young at Heart Club.