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Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-31-2012

VOTE NEXT TUESDAY—It’s your duty, and the outcome of this election will determine what our country will look like in the future. The choice between the two front running candidates is very clear. Each will guide us on a different path and which one should we be on? Be informed and go vote, please.

Saturday, Paula and I attended the open house at the new fire station at Colfax. I was very impressed and the people of the Colfax area can be very proud of the new facility. Like Glenwood City, the new facility was constructed at the edge of the community and allows for ample parking and movement of fire vehicles off the main street of the community.

I was looking back in the files of the Tribune recently and came across an item that was published in 1944.

An assemblyman from St. Croix County was explaining the new school aid law. Lloyd Rundell asked this question: “Will the State of Wisconsin get back of the high schools?” He continued, saying that the entire cost of the university and eight teachers colleges is paid by the state. Under the old law, the state funded the 462 state high schools at the rate of eight dollars per pupil. Now the new law will increase that amount to $24.00 per pupil. How things have changed and we suspect that $24.00 would not even cover a day at the current cost of things.

Thanks for reading.