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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 10-17-2012

Another week gone by. Closer to winter. It sure has been cold. At night, a much-needed wetness came, anyone one with breathing trouble sure has had trouble with the damp coldness, at least I have.

Thanks Ruby for the recipe. God Bless.

What did you think of those Packers today? Thy played like the old Packers, what a good game. We watched it with Fred’s cousin Dewayne Seeger in Prairie Farm. It’s always nice to visit with them and to watch with other die-hard Packer fans.

Today at Trinity, a little baby girl, Abella Jean Leach, was baptized. She is the daughter of Troy and Angie Leach. The baptismal dress was beautiful and made by Debbie Mittlestadt, her grandma.  What a sweet doll. God Bless you.

Today at Trinity 10 third graders received their study Bible. Also, it was family fall fun day, and afternoon planned to welcome the Sunday School year plan. The Sunday School kids also sang for us in service. We care what your Sunday School does, too. Let me know.

On Saturday Darcy from Clear Lake and Kimber from Eau Claire where Kimber goes to school visit with us at the store and with Dawn, too.

Then on Sunday, Darcy and Ron and Kolin was dinner guest at our home and afternoon visit. So Sunday was busy, as you read.

Today I tried the dessert recipe Ruby gave me. Thanks again.

Now with it getting dark earlier and staying dark in the morning, watch for those school bus and kids.

Keep me informed of what you are doing and what your church does.

Sharon, 715-643-2533