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Village moves ahead with sludge removal at treatment facility

BOYCEVILLE — The Village Board took action to have two of its five ponds at the Wastewater Treatment Facility cleaned of sludge. At question was how much of the project would be paid for by Ohly Industries who is the big user of the facility.

After much discussion and a phone call the board was informed that Ohly would be responsible for sixty-five percent of the total cost of the project to remove the sludge from the two ponds and inject the waste into two nearby farm fields.

The sludge will be injected on land owned by Gerald Schlottman and Brian Andrews. The DNR is allowing up to 30,000 gallons of sludge for each acre of land. There is a total of 62 acres in the two areas.

The village board approved standing half the cost of applying lime to one of the fields and approved the bid of an Iowa firm, Midwest Injection, Inc. for $64,750 to do the work. It was noted that their bid was some $30,000 less than the next bidder.

Cleaning Out Old Garage

The village had some time ago purchased the former Chevrolet Garage on Race Street from the out of state person who purchased it after the dealership moved to Menomonie.

Left behind was 24 vehicles, car parts and debris, which the village crew has been cleaning up. The vehicles will be sold at a silent auction, which is being held this Wednesday and Saturday. Village board members discussed who of the village employees and board members would be available to work at the auction.

The board hoped that by the weekend following the auction that the cars would be sold and removed. The village board then agreed to sell the property to the recently formed Boyceville Community Ambulance District. The District is planning to remodel that facility into an Ambulance Station for the local service.

The village asking price for the property is what they paid for it, $10,000 plus $4,494.15 in back taxes. The village is not asking for cash for the property, but rather credit on future ambulance assessments.

While discussing the matter, Village President, Gib Krueger indicated that the district hoped to do the remodeling of the building for less than $250,000. If they are not able to make that building work for an ambulance garage, the village will get the property back.

In other action the village board approved operator’s licenses for Ashley VandenEykel, Amy Thorson and Samantha Kottke and scheduled the annual budget hearing for November 27th at 5:15 p.m.