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Off the Editor’s Desk – 10-10-2012

Did you watch the presidential debate last week? I listen to much of it on the radio, but the television talk shows and news media were loaded with it for days after. The President did not do well, most agreed.

But what caught my attention was that this election, will determine what our county will look like in the future. It was clear to me and should have been clear to everyone that each candidate is headed down a different road.

One supports big government with controls, rules and more government employees to keep check on its citizens while the other wants less government, lower taxes and more private business employment.

The three big issues, as I see it, are the economy, our national debt, and getting more people back to work and the present administration has failed in all three of those areas.

At $16 trillion we are drowning in debt and if Obama is returned that figure could push $25 trillion. In case you are wondering what a trillion is, it’s one million bags filled with ten thousand one hundred dollar bills.

I have no idea what it is costing the taxpayers of the United States to pay the interest on that debt, even with the historical low interest rates. At one percent, the interest would be $160 billion annually.

I just wonder what could be done with that interest money, or just a part of it, if we paid down the debt. Those billions could fix roads, bridges, fund health care, employ more teachers, money for college for our kids and grandkids, and maybe lower MY tax load.

Putting that money to work will increase in the items I mentioned above and will not only help us all, but will put many thousands of people to work. If we put people to work, that will improve the economy.

I will be listening to the debate this week with the vice-presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. It should be very interesting, but it will not make any difference on the outcome of the November election. Joe did a great job against Sarah four years ago, but Paul is capable of standing his own ground.