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WisDOT launches new web site promoting safe walking and biking habits for kids

On “International Walk to School Day,” the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is debuting a web site aimed at teaching children about pedestrian and bicycle safety. The new site,, provides interactive resources that emphasize the department’s commitment to child safety.

In Wisconsin, children from the ages of five through 14 make up just 14 percent of the total population, but account for more than half of all bicycle injuries and 12 percent of pedestrian injuries. Most injuries are the result of not following basic safety rules, such as looking before crossing the street and stopping at a stop sign. WisDOT’s new children’s safety web site strives to help teach children these safety rules and prevent injuries.

“The web site is an excellent educational resource for children, parents and teachers,” said Larry Corsi, WisDOT’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program manager. “We’re stressing the safest ways for children and adults to walk and bike in their communities.”

This web site offers tips for a wide range of safety issues. It includes information about wearing a bike helmet correctly, using hand signals, and following street signs. The site also covers pedestrian safety issues, such as knowing where to walk and dressing properly at night. Each issue is presented through pictures and easy-to-read text. Teachers will also find safety quizzes, games, and fun activities to do with their students.

“The more people who learn and follow these safety basics, will hopefully result in fewer pedestrian and bicycle-related incidents,” Corsi added. “Taking the time to review this information can be a life-saving experience.”

Again, check out the new children’s safety web site at: