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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 10-3-2012

Hi again, my eyes are doing fine, now it’s wait for a month to see the strength of glasses I will need. God’s been with me on the two corrective surgeries. Now, I can write with less mistakes.

On Tuesday the WELCA of churches throughout Dunn County were invited to Our Savior’s Church in Wheeler. Trinity’s Men Choir did the program for a full hour. A very nice day. Wonder who poured coffee that day.

I’ve been looking out my kitchen window at Anderson Hill. The beautiful colors. My tree in the front yard was really pretty. They sure have a lot of leaves, they cover the ground. It’s been raining leaves. What a fall day.

But I could do without those bugs and bees, I wonder where they’ve been till now. I’ve got no box elder trees but I’ve got the bugs.

On Sept. 17th the Connorsville Chattering Chicks met for the first time for the season. They met at my place. We welcome Shelby and she decided to join us. Welcome Shelby and then we handed out our raffle tickets for the county. We paid our yearly dues. Then the fun started as we had a brown bag auction. Donna was our auctioneer. Good job, Donna.

The corn and beans are getting harvested. As you drive notice the combines at work, a good fall for drying the crops.

Last Sunday we traveled to Clear Lake to help Kyle celebrate his 17th birthday. Always a nice time.

Congratulations to Eloise and Bill Knutson on their 60th anniversary.

The service at Trinity today (Sept. 30) was lead by the Youth Gathering Kids. It was a service showing what they did and learned while in New Orleans. It is the very rewarding to see these youth sharing the love and news of faith.

Watching the Green Bay Packer game, another call?? A repeat of the other night in Seattle. Boy the crowd is sure worked up.

Boyceville won their homecoming game. It’s always nice to win, especially when it’s homecoming. Celebrating dance and the bands sounded good and very nice floats. Lots of work. Be proud of your school and the kids.

It’s already October, where did the year go? I remember when I was young and I was waiting for this or that and it never came, it seemed to be forever coming. Now school is on and pictures are taken and kids are selling Christmas items for school. I’m selling AVON and our Christmas books are already out. Where has the summer gone?

Let me know of the things going on in your life.

God Bless,