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Off the Editor’s Desk – 9-19-2012

One of the many reasons that our economy is in such bad shape is that the price of fuel has increased so much faster than our income has. I remember back in the 70’s buying fuel oil for home heating at twelve cents a gallon. Now what is it at?

The two pictures above show the spiraling cost of gasoline over the past four years. Both pictures were taken at the station in Downing. This appears to be one of the lowest prices in the area for fuel. I was in Ashland, Wisconsin on Friday and paid $4.039 for a gallon. A five-dollar figure is not that far away and that will continued to drain the family income and spending. Needed purchases will have to be put off so money is available to buy fuel. The high price of fuel keeps people out of work and looking for support from the government.

Speaking of work, I was impressed with an advertisement that the R. J. Jurowski Construction placed about Ashley Furniture in the Trempealeau Times out of Whitehall, Wisconsin.
The Times is one of the many weekly newspapers in the state that we exchange copies with.
The ad was a two-page spread in the center of the September 19th issue and in part reads, “The ripple effect. Some say a dollar is spent in a community turns over seven times in that community.”

Continuing: “Ashley has created over 4,200 jobs in West Central Wisconsin. Each manufacturing job creates 2.5 to 3.5 additional service jobs. Jobs allow families to invest in homes, purchase cars and trucks, send their children to college and expand the economic out look of our area.

Currently, an 80,000 sq. ft. expansion project at Ashley’s Whitehall facility is being constructed by R. J. Jurowski Construction, Inc. In the past, R. J. Jurowski Construction has constructed over 1 million sq. ft. (22.9 acres) of buildings for Ashley Furniture Ind, Inc.”
The ad concludes with: “Support leaders who promote policies to retain and create jobs and a positive balance of trade so manufacturing can continue in The United States.”

The Jurowski Construction Company is a family owned company that is based in Whitehall, Wisconsin and employs local carpenters, labors, masons, operators and cement finishers.