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TCE, a school of recognition, gets praises for high test score

BOYCEVILLE — Members of the administration staff were all thrilled by the results of test scores that both the elementary school, middle and high school students achieved. This result was discussed at the school board meeting Monday night, September 17.

But at the opening of the meeting when Board President Gail Stark asked for approval of the agenda, board member John Zavodny seemed surprised when he asked, “there’s no closed session tonight?”

Superintendent Kevin Sipple, Middle and High School Principal Steve Glocke and Elementary Principal Nick Kaiser all had great news for the board about student achievements. Glocke noted that last year seniors did a great job on the ACT tests. “It’s fantastic when you have scores of 30 and we had two with a 33 and one who scored 34,” Glocke told the board. Sipple noted that the class of 2012 had an overall composite of 21.9. “This is the highest ACT score for our high school since 2005,” Sipple reported. Glocke praised the staff, “for the work they are doing to make these great improvements.”

Kaiser reported to the board that Tiffany Creek Elementary School has been named a Wisconsin School of Recognition for the third straight year. “This is the fourth time in the last nine years that TCE has received this award,” Kaiser said.

This award is based on WKCE test scores in reading and mathematics in the fall of 2011. Three teachers from Tiffany Creek, Janine Klaustermeier, Deb Bell and Jeff Hoff will be attending the awards ceremony in Madison on October 2nd.

Kaiser also showed the board a large framed picture of George Washington and a flag that was flown over Mount Vernon. He thanked Deb Bell and Kristen Henningfeld for helping get the flag and picture. They got information when they were on a trip to Washington DC this summer, Kaiser told the board. Kaiser also noted from a meeting of the PTA that the school has made over $25,000 from box tops, soup labels and milk caps in the last ten years.

In Glocke’s report, he indicated that the first count of student population was at 338 for grades seven thru twelve. He said that this might change by this Friday as it is the third Friday and the state takes that count as the school counts for the year. Glocke noted that in grade seven there is two sections with 34 students each and he stated, “we are using every desk we have.”

Glocke reported to the board about Homecoming activities, which is on September 28th. He informed the board that the annual parade will start earlier than it has in the past because of scheduling. He figured it would start at about 1:20 that afternoon. He said that planning is underway for a bonfire and dance after the game against Spring Valley.

The school board approved a nine week Tuition Waiver request from a family that is currently in the Menomonie School district but is building a new home just out of Wheeler that is in the Boyceville District for their daughter who is enrolled in 4K.

But this brought up a statement from Superintendent Sipple, about the SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) program the school uses. He reminded the board that enrollment in K4 thru third grade is limited to 18 students per section. “There is no exception to this rule,” Sipple told the board. “It is good to see our enrollment stabilize and grow, but the concern with SAGE enrollment rule is the predicament it puts us in with regard to staffing.” This Friday count will decide if the school will need another instructor to comply with the SAGE rule.

In other action the board approved the following:

• Accepted the resignation of the following: Patty Marlette as head cook; Alesha Kersten as Basketball Cheerleader Co-Advisor; and the hiring of Ben Simmerman as Drama Advisor and Lexie Razmus as Lead Cook.

The board approved accepting the following grants and donations:
• $1,500 Walmart grant for Science Olympiad.
• $1,500 AnnMarie Foundation grant for the purchase of three iPads for the Science Department.
• $1,000 anonymous donation to the Science Olympiad program with a $1,000 matching contribution from the Northwestern Mutual Foundation.
• $1,557.42 from the Boyceville Football Club for helmets.
• And, finally a donation of $60.96 from the Knights of Columbus of Glenwood City for the Special Education Department.

But during the discussion of the donations, board member Steve Bird indicated that he had issues with the donation for helmets. He stated, “I believe that the school district should be responsible for certain items and the school should provide the helmets.” Later, he also indicated that he was not crazy about each sport having its own club.

Superintendent Kevin Sipple thought that they were just donating to help update to the new rules. “$1,500 will not buy too many helmets,” Sipple said. “They recently helped replace some middle school helmets that were not in compliance.”

John Zavodny, moved acceptance of all the donations stated, “I agree some what with Steve. But I appreciate the donations.” All four board members voted in favor of the motion. Member Tim Sempf was not in attendance to the meeting.

In one other matter, Sipple indicated to the board that the annual meeting would be on Monday, October 15 with the budget hearing first, then the annual meeting and the regular school board meeting would follow. The board would then meet again on October 29 to finalize the budget and mill rate.

Board President Gail Stark noted that each administration report told that the school year start was just great. She praised all staff and support people for their working together to make great things happen. “I am so happy,” Stark said.