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Off the Editor’s Desk – September 12, 2012

Well, I watched several hours of the Democrat convention. I was impressed with that young mayor from San Antonio, TX by the name of Castro. He fired up the crowd and I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from him in the coming years.

The first lady did an excellent job of delivering her speech. I was impressed. She told about her family that grew up poor and how they had to sacrifice to get by. I am sure that a lot of families in this area can relate to that. I remember stories told by people that I knew that grew up in the Depression and that they ate fat sandwiches and some did not even have bread, so I related to Michelle Obama telling that.

She talked about her love of her family and kids and told how precious the kids are but then spoiled that statement with her comment about having control over her body and being pro-abortion.

But, the president did not make me change my mind with his speech. Give him four more years of the same, was the take I got from his speech. He did say he could reduce the debt by five trillion in ten years. Our debt passed the $16 trillion mark during the convention and is consuming more of the national budget in interest than we spend on defense. Just think of what the government could do with that money for social programs or job creation or better yet, save Medicare and Social Security! But five trillion of that debt is from the social security fund which Congress has kept their fingers in that cash drawer for many years just to keep the people we have elected spending money trying to buy votes.

The best thing that could happen for the majority of the people in this country is for Congress to take a break, let’s say for two years. No new spending bills, no more laws and rules that put a burden on businesses and I would predict that the national debt will come down.

— Carlton