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Off the Editor’s Desk – September 12, 2012

I watched a lot of the Republican National Convention and I will spend time in front of the TV when the Democrats have their convention.

I was thrilled with the number and quality of speakers that took the center stage on Tuesday evening, including Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Ann Romney did an even better job than Michelle Obama did four years ago when she spoke at the opening of their convention. The Republican Party is loaded with young big guns that will be able to take leadership rolls in the future. Walker is one of them, as is Paul Ryan.

I wrote against the Walker recall election and the waste of taxpayer’s money that it took. I suggested that it should cost ten dollars for every one that signed the petition, which I still believe.

But, it has backfired on those that sought to have Walker removed. It has placed the state and Walker on the national stage and made us a leading force in the coming national elections. It has made Walker a national hero.

As I gazed into the Santa bear crystal ball that I have in my office, I saw 16 years into the future. Paul Ryan was nearing the end of his second term as President of the United States. The picture was clear. Everyone that wanted a job had a good one. Social Security was on track and well-funded as was Medicare.

Our National Debt has shrunk to a manageable level; the federal government has been on a sustainable budget for years and the growth of business and technology is at a pace never seen before. Poverty has been wiped out and thus the need for government programs from as far back as Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” are no longer needed. And, the immigration problem has been solved.

Sounds like a dream? I hope not.

— Carlton