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Boyceville’s Bits and Pieces – September 12, 2012

Sorry I’ve slacked off the last two weeks. As you all know the Pickle Fest went off great. The only thing is that the rain held off the fireworks till later, but we have no control over that.

There has been several people in and commenting on our town being so clean the next morning after Friday’s horse parade and on Sunday morning, it looked like we had nothing going on at night. Thanks to the village workers and the Pickle Fest committee. A well-planned weekend. Thanks again.

Eunice Anderson’s daughter and husband from Tuscon, AZ spent the last week of August with her mother. Dr. Joy Greenway and husband Dr. Steven Vig then traveled to the Spring Green area for a family get-together for Steven’s Dad’s 90th birthday.

On Sunday the 2nd of September, Fred and I traveled to Buffalo County to Fountain City for the farm fest. They had a demonstration of corn and the old balers. Fred enjoyed the day remembering.

My sister Mary and Don set up in the flea market there, so we visited with them.

Of course on Monday we went to Ridgeland.

On Thursday night the Heart and Hand Quilt Guild met. They discussed the quilt show and the winners. They usually meet on the first Monday but because of Labor Day, we met on Thursday night.

On Friday night, September 7, the Veterans and Fred and I and friends joined in for the meat raffle at the Eagle’s Nest. Then we had birthday cake for Dawn Breland’s birthday. Should check the raffles out when you hear of them.

On Saturday Fred traveled with Rick and Bobbie and family to Elk Mound to Farm City Days at Jeff and Marie Pagenkopf’s farm, for a looked a big dairy operation of over 500 cattle. Rick used to work for him right out of school, for quite a while.

On Saturday I visited with Carol Marlett after work. We always have a lot to talk about, she has so many animals to keep the mind going. Can’t keep up with them all.

On Saturday we headed to Dawn’s for my birthday supper. Dawn’s boys were all there. Darcy’s family was there. Darlene called from Green Bay (I thought) to wish me a happy birthday. I wished all my girls could be there. She said she had to work. I was surprised when I got to Dawn’s, and I found that she had called from there, so all my girls were there, what a blessing. Darlene stayed till Sunday.

Sunday we went to the parade in Glenwood. They had a very nice one. I like to see the bands in uniforms. They all looked great. I thought Boyceville sounded good, for a small band.

On the way home we stopped at the cemetery. They were mowing it sure looks nice, as it did all summer. Thanks for keeping it up.

Fred’s sister Marion from Hammond and her daughter from Hudson visited her with us for the late afternoon. So it was a busy weekend. God Bless.

Let me know your whereabouts. Call 715-643-2533.