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Bow hunting will be allowed in the Village of Boyceville

BOYCEVILLE — The village board approved whitetail deer hunting with bow and arrow in the village at their meeting Monday night, September 10. This action came at the end of the meeting on a report from board member Brian Wolff.

Wolff said his proposal would allow hunting of whitetail deer in four areas of the village. Looking at the zoning map of the village the area that hunting would be allowed included the following zoned areas: Industrial, Recreational, Rural Residential, and Agricultural.

Wolff explained that people wishing to hunt in the village must first get permission from the landowner and then apply for a no-cost permit from the village Police Department. Wolff was quick to point out that all State DNR rules will apply to his proposal.

Village President, Gib Krueger, questioned Wolff, “would property owners need to get a permit to hunt on their own land?” Wolff replied that they would and Krueger indicated that he didn’t like that. But Wolff explained that the police should know who is hunting and this would keep trespassing down.

After some discussion, board member Bud Gilbertson suggested that they try it for a year and it can then be revisited. All members of the board voted in favor of the proposal.

County Trasnportation

Kent Conklin, of the Dunn County Transit Commission, gave the board a report on what the county has to offer in terms of providing transportation of county residents. He told the board, “You have not heard much about transportation before tonight.” The board agreed with that statement.

Conklin asked the board to find what the needs of the local citizens are and make a plan that the county could use to provide more public assisted transportation to the Boyceville area. He suggested that a bus service could be available to serve a route that would include Wheeler, Boyceville and Knapp and into Menomonie.

He also told the board that at present there is a service for the disabled and seniors for transportation from Boyceville to Menomonie and local residents can call 715-235-7433 to get information.

In other business Krueger told the board that, “its time to get rid of all that material.” He was drawing attention to all the items including old vehicles that were left in the former auto dealership building that the village purchased recently. He suggested a garage sale type of event to move the items. Board member Herb Dow said that the Building and Property committee would talk about it at their next meeting. “Come up with something,” Krueger asked.

The board approved a $1,400 contract with the Dunn County Humane Society for allowing the village to bring in animals. The board had early in the meeting heard from Police Chief Dan Wellumson that the department brings in a couple of animals a month to the shelter. “More cats than dogs,” Wellumson told the board.

The board approved operators license for the following: Richard King, Les Warren, Samantha Kelly, Allison Logsdon and Amy Hall.

The board passed an ordinance regulating private wells within the village.