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Today the weather was at least breathable.

This morning as I was on my breathing machine. I was looking out my window and noticed what I thought was a bird in my maple tree out front. I got up to look, cause I couldn’t figure out why the bird stayed there so long so I checked it out. It wasn’t a bird that was catching the sun rays, but a spider making a web. Never watched this before. What a God’s gift I witnessed.

Enough of this rambling on. On Saturday the Eagles Nest had a nice band from 1 to 4 in the afternoon. Check out what Boyceville has to offer.

Now with the Pickle Fest coming up, there is a lot going on. Watch for the events. Let’s keep Pickles in the Fest, August 17-18-19. Pickle Central Tent by This-That-N-Everything. Registration is Saturday morning 10:00 a.m. to 12. Pickle Creation in Memory of Jonie Gamble. “Pickle Tasting” your canned pickles, vegetable show and flower show in memory of Margaret Retz. Fill our tent and tables. Sharon and Deb – CAC.

On Saturday Brother Ted from Prairie Farm came with son Teddy from New Richmond. They visited with Fred on Saturday afternoon. Kathy Hanson visited with her sister Mary Edmonds of Trevor, WI last weekend. She also visited her son Jeff and family at Elkhorn, WI.

On Sunday at Trinity we honored Pastor Brad for being with us for 10 years – 10 years already! thanks for all you’ve done for the church and the community. God Bless.

Keep me informed of your people who come to see you and who you visit with.

God Bless, Sharon.