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Glenwood City School Board receives updates on start of year

By Amber Hayden

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City Board of Education met September 10 to be updated on the progress of the school year.

Nicole Brite spoke first and thanked the St. Croix County Sheriffs department on their involvement during the in service for staff on August 29.

During the in service, staff members were updated on how to handle situations such as active shooters in the schools and how to react.

“The main point of the lessons was that doing something is better than doing nothing and just shutting down,” explained Brite.

Staff members were updated with the statistics of how often and where active shootings happen and were made aware that it is everywhere.

Superintendent Tim Johnson also commented that he was amazed at how quiet the gun was when it went off. “It was like a locker door slamming,” commented Johnson.

Brite also discussed the Special Education Program stating that since the first week of school is over and dust has settled the staff and students seemed to be where they need to be and that all bases were being covered.

With the trend of school based therapy growing, Brite explained that the school would be working in tandem with Family Innovations in helping students and families.

Both parents and teachers will be able to make referrals to Family Innovations and only limited information will be shared in order to keep the students safe. The company will also do in home therapy for families that feel there is a need for that service.

FCCLA adviser David Weikel updated the board on the trip that was taken at the end of July by himself and students in the FCCLA program.

The convention was held in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia National Congress and for some of the students it was their first time on a plane. “When we hit a bit of turbulence it was funny to look back at the kids to see their reactions,” Weikel commented.

FCCLA students told adviser Weikel they enjoyed getting to trade pins with other states, the aquarium and visiting the CNN studio, as well as putting themselves outside of their comfort zone.

Next year’s convention will be held in Anaheim, CA and the district as well as Weikel are hoping for more boys to be in FCCLA. “It’s getting over that hump and saying it’s ok to be here,” commented Tim Johnson.

Elementary principal Betsy Haltinner gave her update as well as middle school/high school principal Patrick Gretzlock’s update in his absence.

For the elementary, Haltinner explained they were working toward a process that brought the curriculum and staff together for the Plan For Learning phases.

“Starting September 19 through October 17 we will meet for half day meetings, four of the elementary staff will meet in the morning and then four of the high school will meet in the afternoon,” according to Haltinner.

Haltinner was also excited to announce that the guided reading materials had arrived and that several staff members were already checking out the materials to familiarize themselves with the program.

Reading Specialist Nicole Langman has been working with staff members and students in the classroom to help them adapt to the guided reading, where each student will get individual time even if it is five minutes per day. Haltinner also let the board know that half of the Social Study materials had arrived as well.

According to Haltinner on September 5 the middle school held an assembly for Pacer on how to handle bullying in the school, on the bus or in any other situation.

“Patrick said the students were really respectful as well as it opened up the opportunity for new conversations … they also seemed excited about the lessons,” explained Haltinner.

Bus drivers attended a training workshop in Turtle Lake September 8 to learn how to handle situations on the bus such as: Kids not wanting to listen, if the bus gets stuck on the road and what happens if running late.

Tim Johnson let the board know that at the end of October the district would have the one missing number, number of students, they needed to finalize what the school budget would be.

“This will allow us to have what we need to get the mill rate for the budget,” explained Johnson.

Johnson also explained they were working on updating Skyward and doing training with web X to explain permissions and the filters for the program.

Each staff member will only have one user name for the program and any requisitions that are needed will go through Johnson.

“It’s so we can utilize the system better and have a good system in place in case there is an audit,” stated Johnson.

The district has applied for a second round of safety for the schools, it will be $50-75 per student adding up to about $37,500 and the district should know by the end of October if they were approved.

Before the board meeting, the committee met and took a tour of the building and grounds to discuss issues with the drainage on the baseball field, expanding the greenhouse, adding a concessions stand to the softball field and improving areas in the tech ed, agriculture and wood shop classes.

The Board of Education will meet again September 24 at 5:30 p.m. for a committee meeting followed by a board meeting at 6:30 p.m.

During the consent agenda the Glenwood City Board of Education:

• approved Mary Mahoney as a Para Sub

• approved Ericka Peterson as a Para Sub

• approved Lorna Tiberg as a substitute teacher

• approved Student Hilltopper Hangtime staff – Emma Lamb

• approved Student Hilltopper Hangtime staff – Becca Peterson

• approved Student Hilltopper Hangtime staff – Erin Davis

• approved Student Hilltopper Hangtime staff – Shelby Rundquist

• approved Student Hilltopper Hangtime staff – Kassidi Thompson

• approved Student Hilltopper Hangtime staff – Olivia Janson

• approved Support Staff Substitute Karla Neubauer

• approved Co-Curricular Overnight Events 

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