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Off The Editor’s Desk – 5-9-2018

Working together will never happen!

It has become apparent to me that the two sides of the aisle in our nation’s capitol will never come together and do what will “Make America Great Again.”

I have often wrote about term limits on our representatives and I must praise Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House on his decision to step down from his House seat after 20 years of service. Several other members of the Wisconsin contingent, including Ron Kind, should follow Ryan’s example. They have our thanks for their service, but I am a firm believer in term limits and there are many good and qualified people that can serve our country well. Nancy Pelosi, 78, from California, is another member of Congress that needs to step down. 

Things are broken in the great halls of our nation’s capitol and the two parties are not working together and maybe if at election time, “We The People” demand, that the two sides work together we would have a better place to call home. One of the several things that have me upset is that the Democrats in the Senate are holding up President Trump’s confirmation of many of his appointments to serve our nation in hopes that Trump will fail.

The Press needs to take responsibility for not keeping our politicians accountable. The following is part of a piece written by Derek Hunter for

“If you thought conservatives could make nice with liberals, that both sides have the country’s best interest at heart, you were wrong. This week more of the con-jobs and character assassinations the political left is attempting have been exposed, and if it doesn’t make you realize the Liberal Industrial Complex will stop at nothing to protect itself and destroy the Trump administration, nothing will.

“The economic news was all good this past week, though you’d barely know it if you watched cable news. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.9 percent, which means nearly everyone who wants a job can find a job. Black and Hispanic unemployment are at the lowest rates ever recorded. Turns out all those liberal predictions of doom and gloom if Donald Trump were elected president were not only wrong, they were lies.

“Same goes for the predictions that tax cuts would bring about pain and suffering.

“So where’s the accountability for those politicians, pundits, and journalists who fanned the flames of panic in trying to defeat both? There isn’t any. Liberals can lie without feat of accountability because the people who’d hold them accountable – journalists – are on their side.”

I hate to blame my profession (journalists), but if the shoe fits. I personally think that it is the liberal education that journalists get, makes them forget that there are always two sides to each story.

Thanks for reading!   ~Carlton