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Elk Mound man accused of delivering heroin to Arbor Place

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE  —  A 42-year-old Elk Mound man has been charged in connection with delivering heroin to a resident at the Arbor Place Treatment Center in Menomonie.

Steven M. Clickner appeared in Dunn County Circuit Court with his attorney Charles S. Huff on April 17 before Judge James Peterson.

Clickner is charged with one felony count each of manufacturing or delivering schedule I and II narcotics and bail jumping as well as two misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property and possessing drug paraphernalia.

At the April 17 hearing, Judge Peterson set a preliminary hearing for June 12.

Clickner is scheduled to be arraigned in Dunn County Circuit Court June 18 on a separate case before Dunn County Judge Rod Smeltzer in which Clickner is charged with two felony counts of possessing narcotic drugs as a party to a crime and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

In the second case related to delivering heroin to Arbor Place, Judge Peterson set a cash bail of $10,000 February 16. Clickner posted the $10,000 cash bail the same day.

According to the criminal complaint, the Menomonie Police Department and the Menomonie Fire Department were dispatched to Arbor Place at around 9 p.m. February 14 for the potential overdose of a woman found unconscious with a hypodermic needle nearby.

Members of the Menomonie Fire Department treated the woman, and when she was asked what had caused her condition, she said she had consumed “approximately a ½ of a point of heroin” and that the dosage was about one-quarter of what she had historically ingested on a regular basis, the complaint states.

Staff members at Arbor Place told investigators during a fire drill that evening, the woman could not be located and was found unconscious in her room with dilated pupils and her complexion turning blue. Staff members attempted to locate a pulse on the woman but were unsuccessful, according to the complaint.

Emergency room

When police officers met with the woman at the Mayo Menomonie Emergency Room, she told them she was at Arbor Place because of a prior drug charge and said she had consumed heroin because she had been triggered by an urge after learning one of the residents at Arbor Place had been receiving Suboxone from another man who was not using his entire prescription, according to the complaint.

Police officers told the woman they had located the cap to a hypodermic needle with a heart and “luv u” written on it. The woman began to sob and said she had received the heroin from an “ex-significant other,” the complaint states.

The woman eventually identified the “ex-significant other” as Steven Clickner and said he had brought the needles pre-loaded with heroin to her at around 8 p.m. February 14 and had given them to her through the window, according to the complaint.

The complaint goes on to say the woman told officers she had been speaking with Clickner by telephone on February 14 and had talked about her urges to use, and Clickner said he had located a gem pack underneath a sink in his shop, Clickner Auto Sales, that he had previously misplaced.

Clickner Auto Sales is located at 113 West Menomonie Street in Elk Mound.

The woman told investigators she had never purchased heroin from Clickner but that he “just provides it to her.” The woman said she believes Clickner gives her heroin “to keep her around” because he knows the woman is addicted, according to the complaint.


A Menomonie police officer returned to Arbor Place to corroborate what the woman had said about Clickner approaching the window.

The officer saw “fresh in appearance” footprints leading toward and away from an area near the woman’s window. The snow was undisturbed except for the footprints. The weather had been in the 40s February 14, the police officer noted, and the snow had melted exposing the landscaping rocks and a portion of the grass where the footprints were located. The officer observed the footprints in the snow near the woman’s room did not appear to have any snow melt affecting them, according to the complaint.

Police officers photographed the shoe treads in the snow and observed that two of the prints, one in each direction, had a distinct “X” on the heel of the shoe. Officers also observed a hole cut in the window screen, the complaint states.

When police officers spoke with the woman again at Mayo Menomonie, the woman said Clickner had arrived at about 8 p.m. and had cut the screen, placed the needles on the window ledge and had left quickly, according to the complaint.

The woman was cleared medically about midnight and was transported to the Dunn County jail, the complaint notes.


Police officers tested the substance in one of the hypodermic needles, and the test results were positive for the presence of heroin, the complaint states.

Clickner was taken into custody February 15, and investigators observed he was wearing shoes with a tread pattern consistent with the size and pattern located in the snow near the woman’s room at Arbor Place the day before. When investigators attempted to speak with Clickner at the Dunn County jail, Clickner did not wish to speak with the officers. The officers reported Clickner’s shoes were a pair of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Shoes US 11 with an “X” on each of the heels, according to the complaint.

In the first case of possessing narcotic drugs as a party to a crime and maintaining a drug trafficking place, Judge Smeltzer set a $1,000 cash bail October 17, 2017. Clickner posted the $1,000 cash bail October 18.

Judge Smeltzer found probable cause for possessing narcotic drugs and maintaining a drug trafficking place following a preliminary hearing March 9 and bound Clickner over for trial.

Clickner is scheduled to be arraigned on those charges at 8:30 a.m. June 18.  He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in the second case at 3:30 p.m. June 12.