Glenwood School Board discusses changes to Holiday Tournament

GLENWOOD CITY — The school board listen to a report from Athletic Director Nicole Brite about the annual Holiday Tournament that the district hosts each year during the Christmas Holiday.

For over the life of the event, the two day tournament involves four teams in both boys and girls basketball games. Brite said, “in the last two years the tournament has made about $800 after officials have been paid.” But she noted that it was because of the fans from Clear Lake that are following their strong boys basketball team.” 

[emember_protected] Currently the Clear Lake boys are undefeated and have strong fan support, but Brite indicated that Clear Lake would not be returning to Glenwood City for the Holiday event. She noted that they would be going elsewhere during the Christmas vacation.

Brite told the board that the holiday event may be reduced to just two teams each of boys and girls which would be played on just one day. “Teams do not want to participate in a two day event during the Christmas break,” she told the school board.

In other school board action, High School Principal Patrick Gretzlock presented a long report about the new Early College Credit and Start College Now Programs that have been implemented by new state rules.

Gretzlock explained how the programs work and what involvement the school board has with these new programs. In a related matter he informed the board that two high school students have applied for college programs under these programs. One of these is a sophomore girl that is applying for an Early College Credit Program, which the school board later approved.

However, another student is applying to spend her entire senior year on the Off Campus Program at a Vocational School. But Gretzlock noted that she probably could not get the amount of credits needed to graduate with her class and that her request is against current school policy. The board voted not to approve her request, but did give its OK for her Start College Application.

Gretzlock also addressed the board about the ACT testing that is scheduled for Tuesday and he noted that the kids are excited about the testing and he has challenged the Glenwood City students to achieve the highest scores in the state in division four. He indicated that he would change the color of his hair if that goal was achieved.

One of the items that Elementary Principal Betsy Haltinner discussed with the board was the Chrome Books that the district uses and the ones that are currently in use have come to the end of their life expectancy and she asked the board for approval to purchase new replacements. Board member Judy Achterhof asked about the length of time that they are usable and was told for four to five years. The board later approved the sending of about $19,000 to purchase 70 new Chrome Books and three charging carts. They also approved spending $11,500 to replace 30 computers in the Middle School Computer Lab.

School Administrator Tim Johnson informed the board about their OHSA reporting requirements. He noted that the school had 18 reported injuries last year, of which 17 just had to file a report. The other reported injury required eight working days off with another 41 days of a restricted workday.

In other action the board approved the hiring of Awbria Simmons as the C team track coach; and the retirements of Mary Mahoney as a Paraprofessional, Rick Tiberg from the support staff, and teacher Kristine Kielmeyer. These retirements will be effect at the end of the year.

The next meeting of the school board will be on Monday, March 12 at 6:30 p.m. [/emember_protected]