Bulldog girls chase down Pirates, battle Warriors in loss

By Cara L. Dempski

There was plenty of speculation last week among local sports reporters about how the 11th-seeded Boyceville girls would fare against the region’s sixth-seeded Grantsburg Pirates.

Most seemed to think the Lady Bulldogs would be steamrolled, but Boyceville head coach Jolene Bird was of a different mind. She told someone she believed her young Bulldogs could take the Pirates.

And, as it turned out, she was right.

Boyceville opened WIAA Division 4 regional tournament play in Grantsburg and walked away from the February 20 quarterfinal contest with a 50-37 win to earn a road trip to Clear Lake February 23 for the semifinal matchup.

[emmeber_protected] Bird and her Lady Bulldogs put up a fight, but could make it no further than the semifinal, falling to the third-seeded Warriors 54-30.

The Boyceville ladies boasted just one senior at the end of the season, Marissa Dormanen, and will return the bulk of this year’s team for next season.

The Lady Bulldogs finished the year 3-11 in the Dunn-St. Croix, and 5-19 overall.


To say the 2017-2018 season has been a struggle for the Lady Bulldogs would be an understatement.

Bird has worked hard with her team, and it seemed to pay off in a big way early last week when the Boyceville girls picked up a 50-37 tournament win at Grantsburg.

“(I’m) Very proud of this team to overcome some foul trouble, and to have other players step up and help get the win,” Bird said to open her emails comments. “After taking an early lead, we found ourselves down by 11 with three minutes to go in the first half.”

That was when senior Marissa Dormanen pounced on a pair of three-point shots to narrow the scoring gap to just five points, 27-22 at halftime.

Bird said both teams struggled to score in the first nine minutes of the second half, and fouls accumulated fast, but the Boyceville girls were able to settle in and score well in the final nine minutes for a nice win.

Dormanen led the game in scoring by reeling in 23 points for the Lady Bulldogs, Tyra Kostman added nine, Rachel Prestrud put up six, Hannah Johnson and Taylor Grambow put together four each, and Kady Grambow and Ana Evenson tied with two points apiece.

Grantsburg’s highest individual score went to Brook Quimby, who picked up 18 points in the matchup.

Boyceville…………….……22  28 — 50
Grantsburg…………………27  10 — 37


Boyceville (17-8-22-50) — R. Prestrud 2-0-1-6, Emma Ouellette 0-0-3-0, A. Bloom 0-0-1-0, H. Johnson 2-0-5-4, K. Grambow 1-0-2-2, T. Kostman 3-3-3-9, T. Grambow 2-0-5-4, M. Dormanen 7-3-1-23, A. Evenson 0-2-1-2.

Grantsburg (13-9-26-37) — L. Harmon 1-0-5-2, C. Chenal 0-0-5-0, O. Ohnstad 3-3-3-9, J. Bonneville 2-1-4-5, G. Gaffney 0-0-1-0, O. Brock 1-1-3-3, B. Quimby 6-4-4-18, Walt 0-0-1-0.

B — R. Prestrud 2, M. Dormanen 6; G — B. Quimby 2.

Clear Lake

Bird and the Bulldogs faced an altogether tougher team in the semifinal matchup at Clear Lake February 23.

The Warriors took third place in this year’s Lakeland – Central conference after finishing the season with a 9-3 record in conference and were 18-4 heading into the contest against Boyceville.

The home team ran away with a 54-30 win, but would be snapped back to reality when they were bested by a second D-SC team just one day later at Colfax.

The Lady Bulldogs put together 16 points in the opening half of the game to trail by just nine at intermission, but then Clear Lake doubled-up on the visiting squad in the second half. The Warriors scored 29 points to Boyceville’s 14 in the final 18 minutes for the win.

Rachel Prestrud led the team with 11 points, Tyra Kostman picked up eight, Hannah Johnson scored five, four points were unaccounted for, and Emma Ouellette nabbed two.

The game’s highest score belonged to Clear Lake’s Maggie Rosen, who picked up 17 in the contest.

Boyceville………………………16  14 — 30
Clear Lake………………………25  29 — 54


Boyceville (11-4-15-30) — T. Kostman 3-0-1-8, E. Ouellette 1-0-1-2, R. Prestrud 4-1-2-11, H. Johnson 1-2-2-5, T. Grambow 0-0-4-0, M. Dormanen 0-0-2-0, A. Bloom 0-0-1-0, K. Grambow 0-0-1-0, Unknown 2-1-1-4.

Clear Lake (18-14-10-54) — M. Niles 1-2-4-4, M. Rosen 7-3-0-17, J. Rosen 4-4-1-12, Me. Zimmer 1-2-1-5, L. Hacker 0-0-2-0, Ma. Zimmer 5-3-2-16.

CL — Me. Zimmer 1, Ma. Zimmer 3; B — T. Kostman 2, R. Prestrud 1, H. Johnson 2. [/emmeber_protected]