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Boyceville girls clobbered by Colfax, pick up the pace at Elk Mound

By Cara L. Dempski

The Lady Bulldogs took a 1-2 record into their first conference action last week, but likely were not expecting the outcome of last Tuesday Dunn-St. Croix opener at home.

The Colfax girls arrived in the Boyceville gym December 5 and utterly obliterated the Bulldogs’ chances of making a game of the match-up by sailing past the home team for a 67-13 win.

Coach Jolene Bird said after the game she and the Boyceville squad would refocus their efforts in practice to prepare for the next game against the Mounders.

The Bulldogs headed to Elk Mound three days later for a December 8 contest. Bird’s team played with more intensity against the Mounders, but fell well short once again, dropping the game 69-22.

Boyceville, currently 1-4 record overall, and was 0-2 in the D-SC,  played the rival Hilltoppers in Glenwood City last night, December 12. The Bullddogs are then scheduled to host Elmwood/Plum City on Thursday, December 14. The Lady Bulldogs will play a non-conference contest in Cameron on Thursday, December 21 before taking a break for the holidays.


When head coach Jolene Bird was asked shortly after the game what she would change in the Bulldogs’ December 5 loss to Colfax, she had a succinct answer.

“Everything,” she said. “One portion of that game was good.”

The portion Bird was referring to was midway through the first half, when the Boyceville girls started to get some good looks and the ball started to fall through the hoop.

It was a short-lived span of good play, as the Lady Bulldogs’ spark fizzled and died, leading to a 67-13 route by the Vikings despite Coach Doucette playing his bench for much of the second half.

Boyceville managed to limit the Colfax girls’ shooting opportunities in the opening three minutes of the game, but could not get buckets themselves. It was Emma Ouellette who finally gave the Bulldogs their first point when she hit one of two shots from the line to make the score 3-1 in the Vikings’ favor.

But then the Colfax girls went on a six-minute scoring run where they extended their lead to 24-1 before Bulldog sophomore Rachel Prestrud somewhat slowed the onslaught with a three-point shot.

That kicked off a period of scoring drives for the Boyceville ladies during which they pulled within 17 points of the Vikings. It did not take long for Colfax to get back down to business, and the visiting team took a 47-11 lead into the locker room at halftime.

The Bulldogs would score just one more time in the game when senior Marissa Dormanen dropped in a bucket for two late in the second half.

Prestrud was Boyceville’s highest-scoring player with five points, while Dormanen, Ana Evenson and Tyra Kostman tied with two points each, and Ouellette and Amber Retzloff each had one.

Colfax junior Savannah Henricks copped the game’s highest score with 20 points.

Colfax………………………………43  24 — 67
Boyceville…………………………11    2 — 13


Colfax (23-14-9-67) — A. Dachel 2-1-2-6, M. Schleusner 3-0-2-8, J. Bowe 1-0-0-2, K. Meredith 6-3-0-17, S. Henricks 6-6-1-20, A. Olson 0-0-2-0, S. Wilson 1-2-0-4, R. Scharlau 3-0-1-6, E. Hurlburt 1-2-1-4.

Boyceville (5-2-15-13) — R. Prestrud 2-0-3-5, E. Ouellette 0-1-2-1, A. Bloom 0-0-3-0, N. Hillman 0-1-1-1, T. Kostman 1-0-1-2, T. Grambow 0-0-3-0, M. Dormanen 1-0-0-2, A. Evenson1-0-1-2.

C — A. Dachel 1, M. Schleusner 2, K. Meredith 2, S. Henricks 2; B — R. Prestrud 1.

Elk Mound

The game might still have been less than perfect, but the Lady Bulldogs’ had a lot more fight against Elk Mound December 8, even if they did lose the contest 69-22.

Coach Bird said she saw some good things in her young team on the floor at Elk Mound.

“We’re just young,” she said. “They played hard, but I told them in there (the locker room) they’re all sophomores and juniors, and should be playing JV. If we’re playing JV, we win by 50.”

Boyceville’s youth may be working against it right now, especially without starter Rachel Prestrud, who is the only person on the team with any substantial varsity experience, but Bird sees plenty of good in the team in years to come.

“We’re just getting beat up because we’re that age,” she said. “It’ll come.”

Sophomore Tyra Kostman led the team with 11 points, Taylor Grambow added another six, Alyx Bloom put up three, and Naomi Hillman chalked up two points.

The game’s highest-scoring player was Mounder senior Allie Weber, who picked up 22 in the game.

Boyceville………….…………..12  10 — 22
Elk Mound……….…………….45  34 — 69


Boyceville (10-0-14-22) — A. Bloom 1-0-2-3, N. Hillman 1-0-1-2, H. Johnson 0-0-1-0, T. Kostman 5-0-2-11, T. Grambow 3-0-3-6, M. Dormanen 0-0-4-0, A. Evenson 0-0-1-0.

Elk Mound (23-19-11-69) — M. Borofka 1-0-3-2, H. Cedarblade 0-4-3-64, A. Weber 8-1-1-22, B. Plaszcz 2-0-1-4, A. Plaszcz 0-1-0-1, V. Fasbender 2-2-0-6, A. Gunderson-Morris 1-3-2-5, S. Cedarblade 1-0-0-3, M. Tamke 1-0-0-2, M. Radtke 3-4-0-10, K. Bridges 0-0-1-0, C. Sweeney 0-4-0-4.

B — A. Bloom 1, T. Kostman 1; EM — A. Weber 5, S. Cedarblade 1.