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Bulldogs 0-2 on the week after 20 plus point loss to the Buffaloes and Wolves

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Boyceville boys had two games this past week, which started off rough and ended the same as they lost to Mondovi on Tuesday and then Friday they hosted Plum City/Elmwood and lost again.

This was a tough ending to their regular season as the Wolves are ranked number one in the Dunn-St. Croix Conference this year and the Buffaloes were in second, but now sit in third behind Colfax.

Wolves blow up the court

Friday night was the highest scoring game the Wolves have played this season. They tore up the Bulldogs in an 87-68 final.

Ironically, the non-stop action accounted for the Bulldog’s highest scoring game as well, which despite the loss, was quite the feat.

The Bulldogs were actually running neck and neck with the Wolves to start the game. They trailed by a point and then when the buzzer rang they were down 14-11.

Mitch Leach knocked down a three, Brady Schutts had two free throws and a double and then Sam Hellmann and Hunter Anderson each made a shot.

Their three point deficit turned into an 11 point difference by the time the half time break began. The Wolves went on a tear with 24 points scored to the Bulldogs 16 for a 38-27 score at the half.

Jake McIntyre scored on two jump shots, Anderson had a layup after a steal and then drained a three, Schutts had a three as well and then Leach was fouled three times and made four baskets.

The Wolves looked like a well oiled machine after the half time break. They were making passes and scoring baskets without even looking at one another; they were smooth and controlled.

The Bulldogs had to play aggressive in order to make up points and they went for long shots in an attempt to close the gap, but luck was not on their side.

They did managed to drop in two treys in the third, but it was their inside game that came through. They put up six doubles and four free throws for 22 total points against the Wolves’ 18 for a 56-49 score.

The Wolves were moving fast and playing hard in the final minutes of the game, which accounted for a blow out on points with 31 scored on their side. They had 18 free throws alone in the fourth, five doubles and one triple.

That over shadowed the fact that the Bulldogs actually scored 19 of their own points in the fourth with Tyler Draeger hitting three free throws and a double and McIntyre shot a trey, double and free throw for 11 of their 19 points.

Anderson knocked down a three to start and then had a free throw. Leach scored a jumper and a free throw and Brett Boda was fouled on a shot attempt and made one free throw.

There were 20 team fouls in the second half alone between both teams. The Bulldogs had a total of 28 attempts from the line with 17 made and the Wolves had 36 attempts and made 24.

McIntyre and Anderson led in points with 16 each; Jake had five doubles, one triple and three free throws and Hunter scored three doubles, three triples and one free throw.

Leach finished with 12 points from his five free throws, two doubles and one trey. Schutts fouled out in the third quarter, but still put up two doubles, one triple and two free throws for nine points. Draeger followed with seven from his five free throws and one double. Boda made a double and a free throw and Schulz had a trey for three points each and Hellmann made his one bucket for two.

Road trip to Mondovi

The Bulldogs lost 60-32 on Tuesday night after getting off to a really rough start with just two points scored in the first quarter. That put them down 14-2 going into the second.

Mondovi jumped out to a 20 point lead in the second quarter when the put up 16 points to the Bulldogs’ eight for a commanding lead of 30-10 by the time the half time buzzer rang.

Anderson made two shots, Schulz had one and so did Schutts. In the first quarter, Hellmann was the lone shooter of the Dogs.

Out of the break, the Bulldogs played their best offensive game with 15 points scored.

Anderson drove in a double and then backed off and drained a trey. Leach was the driving force under the net with three baskets made and then Schutts and Hellmann each had one.

The Buffaloes took a slight dip in points with 14, but that still kept them ahead plenty with a 44-25 lead going into the final eight minutes.

The contest came to an end with seven points scored on the Boyceville side. Meanwhile Mondovi blew up with 18 for the final push to victory.

Boda made his first points of the night with two shots and then Schutts was fouled twice and hit three out of four free throws.

The Bulldogs have one final game on their regular season schedule, which will take place this Thursday, February 26 on the road at St. Croix Central.

The win will put them at 4-10 in the Dunn-St. Croix, otherwise 3-11. They were seeded fifth for the Regional tournament and they are now scheduled to play at Glenwood City (#4) on Tuesday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m.

The winner of that contest will go on to play Eau Claire Regis (#1) on Friday, March 6.