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Luck Cardinals fly away with win over Bulldogs

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Bulldog boys basketball team had another game last week that was played on Monday. It was a non-conference contest against Luck that ended in the Cardinals’ favor of 53-43.

The game started with Boyceville down 12-8 after they scored four baskets with two from Jake McIntyre and one each from Brady Schutts and Brett Boda.

They were consistent into the second quarter with an additional eight points on four more baskets, but unfortunately the Cardinals’ upped their game with 14 points, which created a 26-16 deficit at the half.

Justin Schulz pushed in two shots and Mitch Leach and Tyler Draeger each made one for the Bulldog’s final points in the first half.

Out of the half, the Bulldogs turned things up a notch on offense and put together 13 points in the third quarter and 14 in the fourth.

They attacked from under the net with two shots from McIntyre and Draeger each for eight team points. Leach drove one in as well and then Schutts came through on free throws with three of four made.

Schutts was fouled twice in the fourth quarter, but his luck ran out and he went 0-4, but did score a double.

Hunter Anderson carried the team through in the final minutes with two doubles and a triple. Draeger hit a three as well and Sam Hellmann scored his first basket with a two-pointer.

The Bulldogs finished three for ten from the line and they had 17 doubles and two triples.

Draeger’s three doubles and one triple put him in the lead for nine points. McIntyre followed with eight from his four doubles.

Schutts and Anderson both had seven points, Schulz and Leach both had four points and Hellmann and Boda each had two.