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Hilltoppers are victorious at Coaches vs. Cancer game in Boyceville

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — On Thursday night, the Glenwood City girls basketball team traveled over to Boyceville for the annual Coaches vs. Cancer game. The game itself did not end in the Bulldogs’ favor, but the special theme of the night was spectacular.

Together the two school districts raised $6,640.92 for the American Cancer Society between t-shirt sales, concession sales, raffle drawings and the silent auction. Over $1,000 of that money was raised in roughly a minute during the dash-for-cash in the second quarter.

The Toppers advanced their record to 9-3 in the Dunn-St. Croix with their 48-39 victory. The Bulldogs settled at 5-6 after the game.

The Lady Bulldogs were just a millimeter off their game with some really nice shots put up that just happened to bounce off the rim.

Morgan Kuhn and Lexi Peterson both came out swinging hard with their long shots, but luck was just not on their side.

Underneath to snatch up those missed shots was Rachel Klatt. She was a beast on the court with that reach and vertical of hers, which is really neat to see in action.

She was there to grab the ball and then out on the court to back her up and score were teammates, Morgan Kadinger, Jennifer Kopacz, Jenesa Klinger, Megan Samens, Moriah Kuehndorf, Gabby Peterson and Maya Petersen.

Senior Kristie Knops also made an appearance in the game after missing most of the year due to a knee injury.

Knops came in as clutch in the final minutes of play as she was fouled three times and made four out of six free throws.

The Toppers led in the first quarter 11-0 after Klatt scored the first basket and then Kadinger rebounded one of the Bulldogs’ shots and drove in a layup.

Samens drove in a shot and then Kadinger drained a three right before the buzzer to put the Toppers in control.

The Bulldogs were on the board first in the second quarter after Lexi Peterson dropped a three in from the side of the court.

Cassie Malean was fouled on her shot attempt and was brought to the line for the first free throws of the game. She made both her shots with ease.

Malean made four free throws in the quarter and then Riek also contributed with two doubles and a free throw.

Klinger followed that up with a double and then they ran in two more baskets for a 21-12 score at the half.

The Bulldogs pressed in more shots out of the half time break with six doubles in and one free throw for 13 total points against the Toppers’ 14.

Malean had two baskets, Riek had two and Shyanne Marlett had the other two with the one free throw as well.

The Toppers held a ten point lead consistently throughout the quarter with the score ending at 35-25 going into the fourth.

Kadinger was running hard to the hoop with three baskets in. Kopacz knocked down a triple, one double and one free throw and Klatt had a shot as well.

It took two full minutes before a basket was made in the fourth quarter. Lexi Peterson started things off with a three and then Klatt followed that up with a jump shot.

The Bulldogs were applying some aggressive pressure and that got the Toppers frazzled for a bit, which allowed Riek to hit a three and Malean got a steal and scored.

The Toppers blunders allowed the score to get within five points for a time. Kadinger in frustration fouled out and then Kopacz followed suit.

Brooklyn Hellmann dropped in a three from the side and that put the score at 39-35 with under two minutes to play.

Klatt was sucking in rebounds like a machine though and getting her hands on the ball, which put control in the Toppers hands.

They were able to hold possession, which forced the Bulldogs to foul and that in turn put the Toppers on the line.

Those free throws from Knops and two from Kopacz and Samens provided enough cushion in the final minute.

A foul was called with eight seconds left and with the ball in the Bulldog’s hands, Malean drove in a layup as the buzzer rang for the final points of the game.

The Bulldogs made ten two-point shots, four triples and they finished seven for 11 from the line. The Toppers had 15 doubles, two triples and they were 12 for 16 from the line.

Kadinger led the game in points with 13 from her five doubles and one triple.

For the Topper team, Kopacz followed with ten from two doubles, one triple and she went three for three on free throws.

Klatt had eight points with her four doubles. Samens finished with two doubles and she was two for two from the line for six. Knops made four free throws. Klinger had one double and one free throw and Kuehndorf and Peterson each had two points.

For the Bulldogs it was Riek with 12 points from four doubles, one triple and one free throw. Malean followed with ten from her three doubles and she finished four out of six from the line.

Peterson scored her two triples. Marlett and Hellmann each had five points; Brooklyn made one double and one triple and Shyanne had two doubles and one free throw.

The Bulldogs have four games left this conference season with one that was Tuesday night against Mondovi. Then this Friday, February 13 they will host the Plum City/Elmwood Wolves.

The following week they will wrap things up with a game on Monday against Chetek/Weyerhaeuser and then Thursday (Feb. 19) is against St. Croix Central.

The Toppers had just two conference games left on their schedule with one this Tuesday (Feb. 10) night at home against Colfax and then they will be on the road this Friday, February 13 to Elk Mound.