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Border battle between Toppers and Bulldogs ends in GC’s favor

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Glenwood City boys’ basketball team hosted the Bulldogs this past Friday night. The Toppers were able to earn their second conference win of the season after they won by ten in the 38-28 final.

The Toppers hit a season best with a three-game winning streak achieved after they beat the Spooner Rails Monday, January 5 at home.

That win put their overall record at 4-4, but they had to face off against Spring Valley on Tuesday and then Boyceville Friday.

The Toppers surged ahead to 6-4 after they won their first conference game of the year in Spring Valley after they boasted two quarters with over 20 points scored in both, which led them to a 65-49 victory. They backed that up then with their win Friday night.

The loss dropped the Bulldogs to 0-4 in the conference, but they will have a chance to redeem themselves with games against Mondovi, Plum City/Elmwood, St. Croix Central and Spring Valley coming up in the next week and a half.

The battle between the two teams started off with Boyceville making the first basket two minutes into the quarter.

Then Glenwood shot ahead after Jake Hierlmeier drained a three and Marcus Kadinger followed with one of his own.

The Toppers started to turn the ball over, which gave the Bulldogs an opportunity to tie the game. Then Hunter Anderson dropped a basket in for the Dogs first lead of the game.

Hierlmeier let the ball fly from the arc one more time before the buzzer rang and that put the score at 9-8 with the Toppers ahead.

Anderson made the first shot in the second quarter, but Hierlmeier again knocked down a three pointer, which put the Toppers ahead 12-10.

Todd Petersen followed that up with his first double and then Nick Schone answered with a jump shot. Kip Wallace dropped in his first three, which put the Toppers ahead 19-12.

The Bulldogs scored their first point finally at 2:14 when Justin Schulz was fouled and brought to the line.

Brady Schutts was then fouled and he made one basket as well. Schutts also had a double in the quarter and so did Leach, which kept the Bulldogs trailing by only three going into the half.

The scoreboard read 19-16 going into the third quarter. On paper, the play looked incredibly dull as the Toppers posted three points and the Bulldogs put up four.

However, the lack in points gave credit to a very well defended game. The Bulldogs limited the Toppers to very few shots from under the net.

In order to score points, the Toppers had to take chances from outside the perimeter, which is what in fact led them to victory as they had eight three pointers against Boyceville’s zero.

Hierlmeier had the only Hilltopper basket in the third quarter and then Anderson and Schulz drove in a double each.

The fourth quarter was a complete difference with the Toppers posting 16 points to the Bulldogs’ eight, which was more of a free throw contest.

Kadinger had the ball and passed it to Bill Norenberg who took it to the hoop for the first shot in the fourth quarter.

Anderson answered back with a break away layup. Then he was on the line and made both his foul shots, which put his team down by two, 26-24.

The Toppers jumped up to 31-26 after Schone dropped a three in, but Boyceville’s Jake McIntyre answered back with a double.

That was Boyceville’s final basket of the night with the score at 31-28.

The game ended with Joel Ormson on the line and he made one shot. Then Kadinger was fouled twice and made three of his four attempts.

And the last point of the game went to Hierlmeier as he made one free throw.

This was one of the best game this year foul-wise. There were actually only 18 free throw attempts taken between the two teams. The Bulldogs made four out of six and the Toppers finished with five out of 12.

Hierlmeier was the points leader of the game with 15 from his four triples, one double and one free throw.

Anderson was one point behind with 14 from his six doubles and two free throws; he led the Bulldogs that game.

For the Toppers, Kadinger followed with six points from his one triple and three free throws. Schone had his one double and one triple. Petersen had two doubles. Wallace and Ormson each had three points and Norenberg finished with two.

On the Bulldogs’ side, Schutts followed Anderson with five points from his doubles and one free throw.

Then it was Leach with two doubles. Schulz had three from one double and one free throw and then McIntyre had his one double.

GC in Spring Valley

Against Spring Valley, the Toppers actually trailed by three at the end of the first quarter. They were down 13-10, but it was lights out from that point on in their 65-49 victory.

The boys put up 22 points in the second quarter and 21 in the third, which gave them a 53-28 lead after the Cardinals fell off the grid and posted just eight points in the second and seven in the third.

That lead was enough to give them slack in the final eight minutes, which was needed as the Toppers’ momentum fell. They posted just 12 points to the Cardinals’ 21.

Hierlmeier was unstoppable that night, playing the game of his life like every college scout was watching.

He posted 27 of the Toppers’ 65 points with seven three-pointers landed and four out of five free throws scored and one double.

In the first quarter, Wallace was hot with two doubles and one triple posted. Petersen had a double and Norenberg had one free throw for the Topper’s first points.

Then in the second quarter, Hierlmeier went off with three triples and one double. Wallace stayed hot with a double and triple posted once again and Kadinger did the same. Petersen put down a free throw, which totaled to 22 Hilltopper points before the half.

The ten minute half time break changed nothing. The Toppers came out on fire with their 21 points scored to the Cardinals’ seven.

Hierlmeier boasted four more triples and Kadinger stayed consistent himself with a triple to start the quarter and a double. Petersen drove in two doubles of his own that quarter and in the fourth.

Petersen’s two additional doubles in the fourth as well as Hierlmeier’s four free throws, Wallace’s one triple and Ormson’s one free throw were what secured the win in the fourth quarter for the Toppers.

Wallace played one of his best games this season as well with 15 points from his three triples and three doubles.

Petersen followed with 11 from his five doubles and one free throw. Kadinger was a point behind with ten from two triples and two doubles. And Norenberg rounded out the book with his one free throw.

The Cardinals had just six attempts at the line and they made four of those. As for the Toppers they were successful with six of their nine.

At home against Spooner

The Toppers road to victory over the week started on Monday when they hosted Spooner and won 71-50.

The Toppers came out strong with 22 points scored in the first quarter, which gave them a 22-12 lead.

The boys surged ahead to a 40-28 lead at the half after scoring 18 points in the second against the Rail’s 16. The third quarter was the final dagger when they came out and scored 14 points to the Rail’s eight.

The Toppers played a full game of basketball with not even one quarter lacking in points as they finished strong with 17 points scored in the fourth. The Rails finished with 14 points of their own.

Hierlmeier had 15 points in that game with two triples, three doubles and he was three for three from the line.

Petersen followed with 14 from his four doubles and he was six for eight from the line. Wallace also had 14 points from his four doubles, one triple and he made three out of four free throws.

Woodruff was next with eight points from his three doubles and two free throws. Kadinger had three doubles and one free throw for seven points. Ormson had two doubles and one free throw. And Schone and Norenberg each had four points.

On the schedule, the Toppers play in Colfax this Thursday night. Then they will be at home on Saturday (Jan. 17) for an afternoon game against Elk Mound at 2:30 p.m.

For the Bulldogs, they were in Turtle Lake Tuesday and then they will be home Thursday (Jan. 15) to host Mondovi.

They will play a Saturday afternoon game as well, which is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. in Elmwood.