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Boyceville School board hears several school reports

BOYCEVILLE — The school board heard several reports about school activities during their regular monthly meeting on November 19th.

The first to address the board was Athletic Director Pat Gretzlock who indicated that 47 percent of the high school students were involved in some form of extra circular activities during the fall sports season.

Gretzlock reported that 58 boys and 42 girls participated in fall sports program with 45 boys out for football; 13 boys and seven girls in cross country; 20 girls were out for volleyball, six girls in cheerleading and nine girls were involved in dance. He also said that two high school and two middle school students were dual sports athletes.

Gretzlock praised members of teams that received honors including Will Kraft, who captured a spot as defensive end on the first team all state. He also told the board that $3,500 was raised at the Tyler Schmidt fundraiser.

As for the winter sports, the board found out that 16 boys and 20 girls are out for basketball with 32 boys out for wrestling with eight girls participating in cheerleading for the wrestling team, but there are no girls interested in basketball cheerleading his report indicated.

Elementary Principal Nick Kaiser introduced Julie Manor to the board. Manor is the internal coach for the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports program (PBIS). She spoke to the board about the program and the training that they have received. Her report indicated that the purpose of the program at Tiffany Creek Elementary is to “create a consistent understanding/awareness of positive behavior that build the foundation on which students: gain respect for themselves, others, and their surroundings. To develop a desire for excellence and learn the skills to become responsible and productive members of a global society.” Manor presented the board with a plan for developing and implementing the program.

Kaiser reported to the board about the Veteran’s Day Program at Tiffany Creek Elementary and that they dedicated the picture of George Washington and the flag that had flown over Mount Vernon. He also talked about the all school assessment day, set for November 28th. “We will be having an all school picnic and lunches will be served in the class room.

Middle and High School Principal Steve Glocke reported that the first quarter has finished and, “I am happy to announce there were 67 High Honor students and 108 Honor students in grades seven through 12.”  He indicated that this number is out of an enrollment in the sixth upper class of 312 students.

Special Education Director, Bonnie Barker reported the board about attending a conference on Special Education and Pupil Services leadership issues. Her report stated that, “Over the past several decades, the manner in which special education services are being delivered to students with special needs has changed dramatically. The roll of the special educator has become much more one of collaboration rather than direct service delivery.” She informed the board that at the conference she learned that statewide, 16,000 Kindergarteners missed over 20 days of school last year.

In his report to the board District Superintendent Kevin Sipple noted that the CESA #11 administrator Jerry Walters visited the school and Sipple noted that he gave the school a “good report.”

Sipple also informed the board that State Superintendent Dr. Tony Evers has suggested that lawmakers take a more serious look at his “Fair Funding for the Future” proposal. Dr. Evers is also proposing a $615 million dollar increase in state aid to schools in the upcoming budget cycle.

“Hoping to have a system in place by next month,” Sipple told the board that he is looking into parent alert system that would give the school the ability to have instant communications with parents. “The communication is done by email, phone, fax, text message or pager,” he said.

The board accepted the resignation of Kyle Sutliff as middle school wrestling coach and Andy Hamm as the eighth grade volleyball coach.