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Glenwood City responds to pair of fire calls

The Glenwood City Fire Department was called out twice last week for two separate fires. The first was for hay bales on fire and the second was for a burning car.

Late Tuesday afternoon, September 4th the department was called for hay bales on fire on County Highway G, just east of 280th Street. Here the large bales caught fire as they were being carried on a trailer while being pulled by a farm tractor.

According the to the fire department, farm equipment belonging to Burleigh Larson and being operated by Ryan Larson, was traveling west on Highway G when a spark from the tractor set the hay on fire. Ryan was able to disconnect the trailer from the tractor, but the six bales of hay were lost to the flames.

Shortly after one Wednesday afternoon, September 5th, the department was called to the Fred Nitchey Repair Shop on 180th Avenue for a car fire.

Here, Nitchey had a 1994 Ford Thunderbird on a lift in his repair shop when he spotted fire in the rear seat of the car. He attempted to extinguish the flames with a fire extinguisher, but was unsuccessful. He quickly lowered the car down from the hoist and was able to back the car out of his repair shop into the yard before it was engulfed in flames. The car was a total loss by the time the fire department arrived on the scene.