May is Tavern Month

May is Tavern Month and, once again, the members of the Tavern League of Wisconsin want to remind Wisconsinites of a tradition unique to our state, the local tavern.

For decades the local tavern has served as a gathering place to join friends and family to celebrate a special occasion, support a local sports team or to raise money for a worthy cause. This tradition proudly continues. Members of the Tavern League of Wisconsin are proud to report its members donated over $13 million to over 27,000 charities last year. “Our members take the responsibility of supporting local charities very seriously and come through year after year”, said TLW President Terry Harvath.

The economic impact of the On Premise industry is significant. Over 120,000 jobs are supported by the On Premise sector, paying over $2 billion in wages and having an economic impact of over $5 billion.

So take some time during May Tavern Month to enjoy the hospitality of a Wisconsin tavern, and when you do, insist on patronizing a Tavern League of Wisconsin member establishment. Whether providing jobs, supporting local charities or paying taxes we truly are “Friends and Neighbors Helping Friends and Neighbors”.

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