Dunn County Dairy Breakfast May 20 at Prestrud Dairy in New Haven

DUNN COUNTY DAIRY BREAKFAST — The 24th Annual Dunn County Dairy Promotion Breakfast will be Saturday, May 20, at Prestrud Dairy in the Town of New Haven. Prestrud Dairy is owned and operated by Marv and Mary Prestrud and their son, Chad, and his family. From left: Chad, Jennifer, Ryan, Ethan, Rachel (holding Lexi), Mary, Ashley and Marv. —photo submitted

By LeAnn R. Ralph

PRAIRIE FARM — If it hadn’t been for an accident at a copper mine in Michigan in the late 1800s, Marv Prestrud and his family might not be hosting the Dunn County Dairy Breakfast May 20.

Marv Prestrud’s great-grandfather, Hans Prestrud, was an immigrant from Norway who ended up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, working in the copper mines.

“Somehow he got caught in a cave-in. He got out alive, but he said, ‘I’m not ever going back down there again. I’m not risking it,’” Prestrud said.

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